Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I couldn’t always be there,
and, you wouldn’t come here.
I always wanted you close,
you always wanted me near,
and the feelings I put deep inside of you,
and the switch that I flicked that rekindled past youth,
and I was the boy that I’d never been,
and I was the man with new purpose, new meaning,
and after being so high this is the fall that I feared,
and when we talk on the phone I can hear your tears,
and the soul that’s been taken out of my heart,
and the heart has been ripped away from my soul,
and the dream that I dreamt of a brand new start
has been shattered again as a final recall,
and the tablets I bought and safely keep
are all the pills that I need to take -
and the feeling of unknowing, of what to do now,
is the feeling of knowing I would never wake,
and it’s not through depression,
and, it’s not lack of self worth.
It’s knowing how happy one person can be,
and knowing that happy I can’t always be,
and having tasted Nirvana, Utopia, Heaven,
and knowing such happiness can’t go on forever,
and feeling I’m starting to bring you down
is something I cannot entertain, ever,
and, these Soulmates need to return to good friends,
and our ‘ships in the night’ - that really must end,
and a love story written without false pretence
is a love story shared but destined to end.

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