Helen McCookerybook - Papa Was A Rolling Pin

Louder Than War

Babi A Fi

Ralphs Life

KappaCino Book Club

Laura Prime for Amazon

"dark and captivating - sinister but sincere" ~ Dan Harrison, Ceiling Demons

"beautiful, dark and touching - unbearably visceral and beautifully intense" ~ Daisy Victoria

"Dark yet compelling, bleak but gripping" ~ Joe Hakim

"unashamed of it love of dark subject matter" ~ Timeless Promotions

"Dark and powerful reflections" ~ Helen McCookerybook

"a varied and challenging collection of poems that take no prisoners" - Louder Than War

"Is this book of poems by Paul Scott-Bates retrospective?  Probably.  Cathartic?  Hopefully.  Enjoyable?  Uncomfortably.  Unmissable?  Definitely." ~ Ralphs Life

"poetry which conjures up an entire story in a few carefully chosen words" ~ Babi A Fi

"The collection that you will find in these pages will reach into your head and your heart, give them a rattle, and exercise those demons inside of you." ~ KappaCino Book Club

"I urge everyone to read this book" ~ Laura Prime

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