Monday 10 April 2017

Book review by Laura Prime

Review by Laura Prime on Amazon.

Paul Scott-Bates has written this I believe (I don't know), from the heart. When one writes about depression or reads about it, its always different but essentially always boils down to the same feelings, fights, images, tears, angers and twilights.

I myself as an owner of a 'Black Dog' and a 'Black Wall' found this book to be compelling, not at first because it started to make me think of lots of things I thought I had dealt with or 'seen off'. I was going to give it up because it upset me, but I carried on and found myself in each poem as I read. I went back to some poems and thought, how on earth can that person writing that know how I feel.?. I dissected it and annotated it and tried to make it mean other things, but it didn't. It was what it was .

I have many favourite pieces in this book,some that will help me on my path in my dark times,some i will note in my journal, so I know there is someone who really has felt those feelings I have.

This author has gone to the depths of grinding hate and despair and written it down I find this amazing and very very brave, some of the pieces are guttural and use profanities but that is all part of this Novel of poetry.

I do believe that the Author has suffered and I am sorry for his suffering but I see him on an up through writing massive well done.

I urge everyone to read this book even if you haven't suffered from depression, it will give you an incredible insight of what a sufferer feels;

Thank you Paul Scott-Bates for this opening of poetry that makes others feel its OK to let others know how you feel

5* from me and I look forward to more of your journey.