Thursday, 26 May 2016

News - Hitting The Black Wall

As you all know, my first poetry book Hitting The Black Wall will be published at the end of July. It's been an ambition for almost thirty years so as you can imagine I'm absolutely thrilled.
Some of the subjects are hard-hitting - it isn't wild flowers and butterflies, but it is all my own hard work. Some of the poetry can be seen here -
I'm currently arranging a launch night where I'll invite local press etc... to try and get as much interest as I can. I know it isn't going to be a huge international best seller, but I also don't want it to flop!
I hope to sell the book at the launch, but need to buy those up front for the event. Money is tight for us all and I simply can't afford to buy them now so I had an idea........

Many of you expressed interest in buying a copy so I've decided to have a pre-sale ordering method. You can order now, and your copy will be posted at the end of July/early August. By ordering now I can hopefully raise enough to buy copies for the launch.
The book will cost £5.99 with £1.99 for postage and packing to the UK (I'll post overseas but will obviously need to check the cost). If you want a copy you can visit where you can pay now and book your copy (Ha! Ha! - 'book' your copy!)
By the way, I don't receive all the £5.99! A lot of the price is down to design, publishing and production so it isn't going to make me a millionaire!
Please, please, please support me, it means a lot.
Here is the link again -

Thank you

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