Monday, 30 December 2013

Help Me Please

I know that what I’m doing is wrong but I just can’t help myself.

Jesus, bless me, I’m about to sin, and, drown in her bodies wealth.


I know that I shouldn’t do these things but I can’t control my whims.

I’ve never been a religious man, but now I’m counting my sins.


Time can only tell when I can face up to the world,

and the chauvinist inside me will be out once and for all,

and the times I’ve acted in ill health are rubbed clean from my past.

These are the times I can live free without aspersions cast.


I know what I am doing to her but she’s led me for so long,

And if she keeps on pushing me, to her whimsies I’ll belong.


I know that what I’m doing is wrong, but I must succumb to lust.

The sexist housed inside of me must keep this image robust.


Jesus Christ you’ve got to help me please,

   even though in God I have never believed.


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